A collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton for 2017 ?

A collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton for 2017 ?

The rumors are running since yesterday with some clues that predict a possible collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton.
Yesterday a model has shared the pictures of a mysterious sweat shirt embossed with the LV monogram next to an imposing box logo. After that, some Photoshop wizard has made some mockup about 3 possible colorway of this sweatshirt. Right after, Kim Jones has posted during a very short time a mysterious picture on its Instagram story that shows a supreme sticker on a Louis Vuitton bag. It will be the first official collaboration between the two brands more than 10 years after the complaint from the French brand about a supreme collection.

Nothing is for the moment confirmed but the sweatshirt could be a one-shot as the last Hermes bag made for Jebbia’s wife.

Supreme x LV In The Works 📈

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Might see a Supreme x Louis Vuitton collab soon. Opinions? 🚨💠

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Supreme et Louis Vuitton


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