BEST OF #SADP 04/04/2014

BEST OF #SADP 04/04/2014

Best of SADP of the week. #SADP (Sneakers Addict ™ Daily Pics) gives you the opportunity to share your passion with the world Sneakers. To enter simply join the group and follow these rules:

The best photos #SADP of the month will be published on a ™:
1: Your photos must have your pair “worn” and be of good quality (several photographs and photomontages of blurry photos or very low resolution are not accepted)

2: Photos of poor quality, irrelevant questions and links ebay / online sales will be deleted

3. To facilitate publication, thank you to indicate the model shown in the picture. You can also participate using the hashtag #SADP on Twitter and Instagram or join the SADP Facebook group.


Haroun Tazieff – New Balance M1500GBY



Haiv Vam Lee – Nike Journal 1989


Jan Larenz Samonte Rotilles – Nike SB Janovski


Nickolas Nsfw – Nike Free Run+ 2 “London”


Thaddeus Dimaculangan – Nike X Supreme Blazer

  1. Andre dit :

    Wow, real nice site! Nike is always the best. Greets from Frankfurt

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