Nike Air Force 1 ” Blazer ” Obsidian

Nike Air Force 1 ” Blazer ” Obsidian

At the launch of the Nike Air Force 1 and for many years, the icon is always seen in bicolor versions. Simplicity that has made ​​it successful. For 2013 Nike has prepared some simple colors that will remind us the colorways available at the Blazer’s comeback 3 or 4 years ago.

A single color always works! We already presented the  red, purple, and gray colorways that will be available in this series AF1 “Blazer”, all sharing the same base and are expected mainly due to the suede used!

This time it is the Obsidian who are presented … A beautiful blue dress, an off-white sole, and same for the swoosh and the lining( leather). Tongue label are a bit different from the classic AF1 (closer to the Blazer one).

Simplicity should make this series a best seller!

IMGP2281_1 IMGP2283_1 IMGP2285_1 IMGP2286_1 IMGP2288_1 IMGP2291 IMGP2292 IMGP2293

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